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Discussion in 'Report Issues' started by Morgan Lalique, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. https://hotnessrater.com/full-sized-picture/2782525/tiffany-toth (1774 votes, 1443 views)
    https://hotnessrater.com/full-sized-picture/619746/tiffany-toth (4238 votes, 2868 views)

    Seems to me that reducing the number of duplicates on the system would reduce the number of wasted votes. Also, how many votes does it take before the system is confident of a rating? Seems to me that out of those 6000 votes, putting 5000 of them elsewhere would improve your accuracy, reducing the number of unrated pics.
  2. HotnessRater

    HotnessRater Administrator Staff Member

    As long as pictures remain in our top 200, they pretty much stay in our queue for others to be judged against. So older pictures that have been on top for a long time, can have a lot of votes. I put pictures in the queue for different reasons. Some because they need votes, others like this one, just because its a good picture that does well. If we want the best pictures to rise to the top they have to beat the best pictures, so taking it out of rotation doesn't make sense
  3. HotnessRater

    HotnessRater Administrator Staff Member

  4. HotnessRater

    HotnessRater Administrator Staff Member

    I just combined that pic with a better quality one... the views got wiped out. I'm not sure if I should change it to keep the views of the old picture or not. After all it is technically a different picture
  5. They are so close they should be treated as the same pic. Having multiple pics eliminates exclusiveness. If they were different views, or showed different aspects of the subject's personality, then I would treat them as different pix.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2019
  6. I think if they are substantially the same, the views and votes should be combined onto the remaining picture.
  7. HotnessRater

    HotnessRater Administrator Staff Member

    Well the combine operation doesn't differentiate the level of same-ness
  8. Pffft. If you are combining them, they are substantially the same. Any combine should add the views and votes. Deciding to do a combine is a human decision, yes? My point was the two pics were close enough that they should be combined, and the views and votes added.
  9. HotnessRater

    HotnessRater Administrator Staff Member

    Except you have told me you vote against smaller, bad quality pictures. So if there was a 300 pixel wide picture that you voted against, and later that picture was uploaded as a large picture, your vote would count against the large picture.

    Right now that does happen. I do keep the votes. I don't keep views, largely just because the combine code happened long before I was keeping track of views for Babetrader.

    And the combine decision is mostly a human decision, unless the pictures can be determined to be exactly the same, then it just combines them giving the older one preference
  10. I never said I vote against them. I do take photo quality into account, though, it is maybe 25% of my valuation. Top quality is one of the differences between a good pic and a great one. Add in pose, personality, beauty, style, coloration, atmosphere, passion, composition, accomplishments, it all matters.
  11. HotnessRater

    HotnessRater Administrator Staff Member

  12. Hmmm, you're right, the crop is actually much better resolution, the other pic is really noisy when expanded. That means there is a much better version out there somewhere, that the crop was made from.

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