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Hillary Fisher

Discussion in 'Other Girls' started by oportosanto, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. oportosanto

    oportosanto Member

    Three of my favorite things all put together, beach, Christmas and a beautiful women. Great picture!

  2. That's a nice way to put it. "Three of your favorite things put together"

    It is a nice picture.
  3. She looks really sexy! Nice face and cute body, for sure. Do you know her name?
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  4. Vinaya

    Vinaya Member

    I also like beautiful women and beach. However, I live in a landlocked country thus I cannot go to sea beach with beautiful woman unless I travel to other countries. However, I can go to river side and hang out with sexy girls in sand.
  5. sidney

    sidney Member

    She looks really pretty and sexy! Too bad you didn't include her name. This pose is quite suggestive, so I'm pretty sure she is a model for a men's magazine.
  6. oportosanto

    oportosanto Member

    Well, it's a whole new sense of Christmas, getting our gift unwrapped like that. ;)
  7. goodWY

    goodWY New Member

    Wow, she is really sexy. Didn't know about her. A new beauty to google :)
  8. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    Never really been a big fan of Christmas until I saw that picture! Hilary Fisher is stunning and every photograph I've seen of her she's looked beautiful and there isn't a lot of females that can say there aren't any bad pictures of them around. Some girls are just naturally pretty, and I think that Hilary Fisher falls into that category though.
  9. oportosanto

    oportosanto Member

    Christmas is still away, but this is always a fond memory. Sure, a small gift, but certainly a pretty delicious and beautiful one.
  10. Casiox

    Casiox Member

    She looks really good, especially because of the position she's on, of course. 8/10 for her.
  11. HepCat

    HepCat Member

    Glad tidings! She's got a nice bod and a fine tan. Oh and a smile to match. What is not to like?
  12. hades_leae

    hades_leae Member

    I like that picture, it's really cute, but she is still on the too skinny side for me.

    I like her skin, it looks damn good though, she looks sweet in the face, but also like a freak in the sheets. She has really good lone hair, I like her legs as well. I do think she should thicken up a lot more and she would be one thick sexy white girl.
  13. oportosanto

    oportosanto Member

    Yeah, she is too skinny for me too, but she definitely has a pretty face and smile, that really makes up for it. :)
  14. Susan

    Susan Active Member

    I think she is way to skinny and this picture just doesn't do her justice. She does have a nice smile and pretty face though.

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