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Selena Gomez

At Hotness Rater, you can View Celebrity Photos, Rate Celebrity Photos, and see how you and others rate against Celebrities. You can not only see how you rate against Celebrity Photos, you can also see how your picture rates against photos of other everyday people and get a Hotness Number between 1 and 10.

Not everyone is a 7+. Other sites that rate how hot you are allow users to enter a number value. The result is pretty much everyone is at least a 7. This doesn't give a very meaning number and it says nothing about how hot you are relative to other people.

Joel Rush

HotnessRater takes a different approach. We will figure out if you are hot based on whether or not you are hotter than your peers. Our method of determining a hotness rating is more scientific. It is based on your wins and loses. On HotnessRater.com we use the full spectrum of ratings from 1-10. We don't sugar coat it for you. A 7 is quite attractive. If you are slightly less than average, you can expect a lower than average rating, like a 3-4 - or possibly even lower.

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