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Adam Richman

Discussion in 'Other Guys' started by missbishi, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. missbishi

    missbishi New Member

    OK, Hotness Raters, what do you think of the new-look Adam Richman? In my opinion, there was a handsome guy hiding under all that flab. Let's hope he's able to keep it off and stay healthy though...

  2. danielle davidson

    danielle davidson New Member

    Oh, I don't really think that he is that good looking. I have always watched this show, and he does look a little better since he lost weight. I just don't think that he is very good looking. I'm sure that now he will be able to keep the weight off since he isn't the one who's eating all that bad food now.
  3. icekat

    icekat Member

    I do think he's good-looking now! I always like a man with a little weight on him, not too crazy about the rock-star thin look. But Adam absolutely looks better. I think he has a really handsome face, and beautiful twinkly eyes.:D I hope he can keep the weight off. Sometimes I think that's harder than losing it.
  4. kaian

    kaian Member

    Can we post the nude photo here after he lost some weights? He has got those nice toned and sexy legs and his body is simply awesome. I would not have expected him to be able to achieve that kind of body. It is not easy being on a diet and following a strict training program or whatever regimen he had used.
  5. Mz.DTL

    Mz.DTL New Member

    I think he's cute, I've always wanted me a little (or big) teddy bear to cuddle with. I just think that he is funny as well.
  6. kaian

    kaian Member

    Beauty or hotness could not be contained in one form or definition. The physicality of it is just one aspect but the person behind that body matters too. The way we could relate to any personality in some levels could draw us towards him or her. Sometimes we can not totally tell what brought about the admiration
  7. LilAnn

    LilAnn New Member

    I have never heard of this guy. But looking at his picture, he does have a certain appeal. He fits into a "type". A lot of girls like this "type", too.
  8. lamanlupa

    lamanlupa Member

    Well, I'm a guy so calling him cute, would be kind of awkward but I think, more importantly than his looks, is his sense of humor. He really enjoys making people laugh and he is a natural comic. His jokes are mostly hits without it being offensive.
  9. Hottt

    Hottt Member

    Except for his eyes I see nothing exceptional about the guy. That's my view anyway but I am sure some girl is melting at his gaze this very moment.
  10. Susan

    Susan Active Member

    He does have nice eyes I do agree with that but he really isn't my type of man.
    Congrats to him on the weight loss and his new body. He worked hard for it.
    He has a great personality which makes a man sexier then his looks!
  11. AceTy31

    AceTy31 Member

    I think he's cute, too. His personality helps boost the appeal, as well. He's not only funny; he seems like a genuinely nice and fun guy. I like that Everyman quality.
  12. Yeah... maybe, he has something but I don't think he's beautiful or hot, just cute and nothing more.

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