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Excited to be here!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by M8borg, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. M8borg

    M8borg New Member

    Hey guys! I just got on this forum and the idea behind it sounds great! Rating hot chicks (at least for me as I'm a pretty straight guy) and finding out about new girls which I might have not known of or have not paid attention too, daaamn that's awesome.

    Hope we'll have a great time together.
  2. The fun part about this forum is that you can express yourself freely about anything and everything. Welcome @M8borg
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  3. rajesh

    rajesh New Member

    This forum is the best of the best rating sites on the Internet. It's really amazing. Welcome to this forum. Enjoy and have fun.
  4. Hi there M8borg!
    Nice to meet you and have you in this forum.
    It is so much fun and definitely so interesting.
    There are so many hot guys I have came across in here that I did not even know existed! lol
  5. hzan

    hzan New Member

    Just a hello with a smile. I hope this forum is as fun as it looks. This is a first for me.

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