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Isn't She Lovely!

Discussion in 'Musicians' started by Shantelle, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Shantelle

    Shantelle New Member

    Beyoncé! Beyoncé! Beyoncé AKA Sasha Fierce Hunnie! She is theeeeee hottest artist out here today. You better Google, Wikipedia, Bing her do whatever research you need to do hunnie to know she is HOOOOTTTT! When I grow up I wanna be just like her and I wanna be like her bank account too, BIG! She is flawless in my eyes from head to toe. Her body is on point, her face is on point and her voice is on point! And what makes her even hotter is her beautiful heart. Yes hunnie you better know it!

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  2. ThatKidWithTheFace

    ThatKidWithTheFace New Member

    There's not much more I can say about Beyonce other than: Damn!
  3. DanceFan

    DanceFan Member

    Yes. She is beautiful. I think she has that body that women would die to have, but won't admit it. Nice voluptuous curves. While a lot of women out there have body issues and have to be super skinny, Beyonce flaunts her curves.
  4. kaian

    kaian Member

    I love her body being voluptuous I had never someone with that kind of body being able to turn heads. Her legs are just BAM and her skin color very gorgeous. VavaBeyonce
  5. danielle davidson

    danielle davidson New Member

    I have to agree with you. I mean I would love to look like her, she is just so beautiful. I think that there are so many girls who look up to her. And she does flaunt her curves which is great.
  6. Susan

    Susan Active Member

    She is not only beautiful, she is talented and she has a big heart. She has a body to die for. She is an amazing performer who gives every performance her best. She has so much going for her. She is a strong, independent female who is admired by many.
  7. lamanlupa

    lamanlupa Member

    Yes, she is beautiful still, but she used to be waaay hotter. I love her on her very first music video, Crazy in Love. Oooh, those long legs, those eyes and that butt of course. She is one beautiful creature.
  8. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Member

    I absolutely love Beyoncé Knowles. And yes, I totally agree with all of you, she's not only beautiful, but she's also very talented. I also think she has great personality. I remember, she gave Taylor Swift a chance to say her speech after the Kanye West controversy during the VMAs.
  9. SavantGuard

    SavantGuard New Member

    All hail Queen Bey! Jay-Z is sure one lucky dude. Arf!
  10. hzan

    hzan New Member

    I will not tell a lie I can definitely admit I want that body, but reality is I can't have that body, so I'm just going to be happy and appreciate the beautiful curves I have.

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