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Japanese gravure idols and models

Discussion in 'Other Girls' started by PsychAL, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. PsychAL

    PsychAL New Member

    Does anyone here find Japanese gravure idols as hot and sexy as Western actresses and models? These idols have appeared in Japanese tokusatsu (special effects) shows such as Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and the Metal Heroes series, to name a few. All of these franchises are produced by Toei Company. Non-Toei tokusatsu includes Tsuburaya's Ultraman, Toho's Godzilla, and Takara Tomy's Tomica Hero series. These actresses have photobooks which they release right after their show has concluded its run, but sometimes they advertise their photobooks while their show is still running. Most actresses enter gravure modelling as a way of supplementing their income, though there are some who don't. A significant batch of these actresses (as well as actors) appear in Battle Royale 2: Requiem, also produced by Toei.

    One such model I would like to post is Haruka Fukuhara. In addition to being an actress, she's also an accomplished singer. You can also search for "sentai actors and actresses" and you'll be led to a Facebook page containing pics of various actors and actresses in Super Sentai.

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  2. sidney

    sidney Member

    I was only interested in looking at the photos of Kanako Maeda, she starred in Maskman. She was really cute back then. Now I have no idea what she's up to now or how she looks like.
  3. OlsenOlsen

    OlsenOlsen Member

    Japanese girls are Goddesses in general.
  4. xTinx

    xTinx Member

    I have to say Japanese gravure models are sexy in a cute and non-flashy way. They're not big on the "slip" or the sneak peaks but they do call attention with their innocent looks, dewy eyes and fair complexion. In fact, I prefer their type of sexiness to the sexiness of reality stars. It's more natural and "pure" (for the lack of a better term).

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