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Who is the hottest woman according to you?

Discussion in 'Hottest' started by Vinaya, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. Vinaya

    Vinaya Member

    For me the sexiest woman, across all cultures and countries, is Catherine Zeta Zones. She still has an amazing body at the age of 46 years.

  2. I would agree with you, Catherine Zeta-Jones but I would also vote for Sofia Vegara; she is also stunning. soph.jpg
  3. sidney

    sidney Member

    Catherine Zeta-Jones is indeed hot, I wonder what she saw in Micheal Douglas. :D I think Monica Bellucci would add to the list perfectly.
  4. NormaD

    NormaD New Member

    If it's a choice between the two, then I am definitely on team Sofia Vergara. She is beautiful and funny and has a gorgeous body. And that accent...
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  5. Casiox

    Casiox Member

    When it comes to choosing who the sexiest girl is I personally go straight for Cara Delavigne, no doubt about it, she might be skinny or whatever you want but her stare is one of the sexiest things I have ever seen in this world, also her stunning face, her legs and her hair got me crazy, indeed.
  6. hades_leae

    hades_leae Member

    I have someone who I consider the sexiest woman alive, se is not famous. But I saw her at a basketball game, she was there with her small son. MILF, I saw her face and fell in love. She has one of those faces with features like no other woman. She was white, thick, and had beautiful skin. Her smile was gorgeous, and her lips called for me, but I obviously could not do anything about that.

    She was an extraordinary looking woman, and I would have loved to get to know her.
  7. DiamondDave

    DiamondDave New Member

    Celebrities are a bit overrated. You can find a hot lady probably at a grocery store checkout line. There are way too many ordinary and celebrity women competing to be the most hot. Why should celebrity women be idolized as though they aren't human? Why not do the same to the ordinary?
  8. filmjunkie08

    filmjunkie08 Member

    Jones is a highly attractive woman who exudes sex appeal. She has it much more than Vergara.
  9. GaVi

    GaVi New Member

    Miranda Kerr and Amanda Seyfried are the first names that came to mind. Their sexiness and their stares that seem to melt you are like stuck on my mind. There are a lot of other names that came afterwards but I guess the two of them are what's associated in my mind as "the hottest".
  10. djole87

    djole87 New Member

    I guess it is a general thought about these ladies. Monica is a goddess. I would like to thank her for all her glory when it comes to her appearances. I really appreciate it and I believe she is over 50 now but still she looks stunning with all the curves she has. Again, she is a great actress and she is like wine. She will be the most beautiful granny out there, I am sure. Malena is probably my favourite movie staring Monica. Other than her I really think Rachel Weisz is very beautiful and also a great actress. Salma, Penelope ... I am not sure about these younger stars. Somehow they do not have than X factor and it is not all about straight forward beauty.
  11. Kelly1

    Kelly1 Member

    ассоrding tо mе, Kеlly Brооk. Shе is drоp dеаd gоrgеоus, hаs thе mоst еntiсing smilе аny wоmаn hаs, hаs а nеаr pеrfесt bоdy, аnd оnе оf thе mоst аddiсtivе, аnimаtеd аnd bubbly pеrsоnаlitiеs, whiсh mаkеs hеr аppеаl еvеn mоrе.
  12. 17emilyhalko

    17emilyhalko Member

    This is a weird one, but I think that Anna Faris is so hot! Anna Faris is well known for her role in Scary Movie and The House Bunny, though I personally love her position in May. If you guys aren't familiar with her, you should check her out!
  13. JimJim28

    JimJim28 New Member

    I have to go with Ariel Winter. She is so good looking in my opinion and has a nice thick look to her. [​IMG]
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  14. x0xLikeMex0x

    x0xLikeMex0x Member

    I'm gonna say Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body. She slayed it.
  15. John Snort

    John Snort Member

    It can be really hard to tell who the hottest woman on the planet is. But looking only at celebrities then I'd say it's Hannah Murray? Don't know her?

    Could be biased because I've always thought redheads are hot.

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  16. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    Choosing the hottest women of all time is going to be almost impossible for a lot of people. I've just been having a quick think now and I can already name about 10 and I keep swapping and changing them around as I can't decide who is the hottest. Maybe a bit easier if we break it down and choose the hottest in certain categories, but then again this is what the forum is all about!
  17. clair02

    clair02 Member

    My vote is always going to be for Sophia Vergara. She is such a timeless beauty. She is the perfect woman in my eyes. And I especially love her accent. I know not everyone would agree with me on that one, but again, it's just a matter of personal taste and individual preferences.
  18. Ben Morris

    Ben Morris New Member

    I think Monica Bellucci would add to the list perfectly.
  19. DavidN

    DavidN New Member

    Rachel Nichols

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  20. HotnessRater

    HotnessRater Administrator Staff Member

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