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Why Aren't they here?

Discussion in 'Other Girls' started by TysonOwner, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. TysonOwner

    TysonOwner New Member

    So am I the only person into Thick women? yeah, i see lots of skinny women on this site but none are thick or anything with any meat on them. Should this site not have a bit of every type of woman?
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  2. Susan

    Susan Active Member

    I agree with you. Curvy women can be just as attractive as stick thin women if not more so. Society seems to make women think if they aren't thin then they aren't beautiful and that is so far from the truth. I think there should be some women on here who aren't what the world perceived as perfect but are perfect in the eyes of others.
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  3. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    Curvy women are more appealing to a lot, if not most males I'd imagine, and the model figures might be good for hanging clothes off, they're not what the normal man in the street likes though.
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  4. Elimination

    Elimination Member

    It just depends on what people mean by thick or curvy. I've noticed some people mean, literally, women with curves as in wide hips, large breasts, toned butts... I'm very much into that, and I, too, think most men are; rather than the runway model look, all stick-like.

    But then some people, by curvy and thick, mean fat, plump, even obese. I'm not obese and I don't dig obesity aesthetically, but I respect everyone's taste. It's good that some people are into that, even obese people can take advantage of their looks and give off an attractive image, and it's good that they can find that in themselves rather than struggle with self-esteem.
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  5. I'm into curves. I'm fine with them. What I REALLY hate is people who think "curves" actually mean "fat". No, I do not think being unhealthily obese is hot. Having a nicely proportioned body, plump butt, hourglass figure? Yeah, I'll take it. But the most un-hot woman is one who disillusions themselves with ideas that their obesity somehow gives them unrivaled health and attractiveness.
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  6. GentB15

    GentB15 Active Member

    I don't see any rule written where posted women must be under 135 lbs. and over 5'6"
    If you want to post up what you find "Hot" then by all means.
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  7. Vinaya

    Vinaya Member

    Thinner women are sexy is a fashion industry, cosmetic industry and media industry fed concept. If we look at the statues and paintings of ancient women, we will find them curvaceous.This is also true with the figurines of Greek and Roman Goddesses.
  8. aquaticneko

    aquaticneko Member

    Hot is a broad definition and is subjective so I don't see any reason why curvy women can't be hot. I certainly don't meat fat women. I'm pretty sure if someone started a thread for a hot curvy woman it would stay up as well. Hopefully not a controversial one.
  9. dapper_dan

    dapper_dan Member

    I'm drawn to a wide variety of body types myself, from thin waifs to voluptuous curves. (Just so long as we aren't talking about a dangerously unhealthy extreme on either end of the spectrum.)

    I don't think that there's any overt bias on this forum with regards to body type, as there are a handful of threads here and there dedicated to women with curves--Christina Hendricks being but one example.

    If you personally find that thinner women are being over-represented here whilst curvier body types are under-represented: then why not create new threads for the curvier women who you find most attractive?
  10. There are so many different types of women and not everyone thinks skinny supermodels are the hottest!
    I am glad that there are men out there who actually like women with a little more "meat" on them.
    I have heard especially men from African countries are into women who are bigger but this is not true.
    It depends more on one's taste/type than their nationality.
  11. sidney

    sidney Member

    I think it just so happened that skinny and sexy women get noticed more than curvy women. But I'm pretty sure that if a person will start a thread with one of them as subject then for sure it will be appreciated.

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