Battle of the Day

Shani Grimmond vs Vicky Pattison

Shani Grimmond in a bikini taking a selfie
Vicky Pattison in a bikini taking a selfie

Shani Grimmond

Vicky Pattison


Oh, these babes will totally turn you on.  A YouTuber versus a personality.  None of them are full-on models. Just the basic, not glammed-up, hotness.  But who, among the two, is hotter to you?

Shani Grimmond is an Australian YouTuber and beauty guru who posts her knowledge about make and lifestyle.  And because of that, she has amassed over 1.6 million subscribers.  Read more about her here.

Vicky Pattison is an English television personality, presenter, writer, and fashionista who is most famous for appearing on the British reality show Geordie Shore and Judge Geordie.  Learn more about her here.