Battle of the Day

Katie Daly vs Polina Sitnova

Katie Daly in a bikini
Polina Sitnova in lingerie

Katie Daly

Polina Sitnova

Two babes that are oozing with nothing but hotness.  It's one of those classic brunette versus blonde battles.  So, which is hotter to you?

Katie Daly is an American Instagram model who is famous for posing in a variety of swimwear including Flora Bikini’s and Ten Swim.  She’s been published in multiple magazines and online publications and is currently under representations with Wilhelmina and Kathy Muller.  Read more about Katie in this Katie Daly article.

Polina Sitnova is a Russian swimwear and Instagram model who is probably best known for being featured in a spread in Focus Factory Magazine in March of 2016.  She is also famous for posting a variety of content in swimwear to her now deactivated Instagram account.  Learn more about Polina from this Polina Sitnova entry.