Battle of the Day

Shani Grimmond vs Daniela Lopez

Shani Grimmond in a bikini
Daniela Lopez in a bikini

Shani Grimmond

Daniela Lopez


If you ask me, I like 'em both and I don't think I'd choose one over the other.  But that's just me.  I want to know who you prefer.

Shani Grimmond is an Australian YouTuber and beauty guru who posts her knowledge about making and lifestyle.  And because of that, she has amassed over 1.6 million subscribers.  Read more about her in this Shani Grimmond article.

Daniela Lopez is a Colombian model who is perhaps most famous for being the face of Victoria’s Secret‘s PINK collection.  You may also recognize from her work with brands like Revolve and Aeropostale, as well as at Miami Swim Week!  Learn more about her in this Daniela Lopez article.