Battle of the Day

Ivana Santacruz vs Natalie Gauvreau

Ivana Santacruz in a bikini
Natalie Gauvreau in a bikini

Ivana Santacruz

Natalie Gauvreau


Oh, you'll enjoy this.  This battle is just oozing with sexiness (like always).

Ivana Santacruz is a Germany-based, Mexican singer and Instagram star whose dance, fitness, and fashion-related posts have earned her quite a massive following.  She signed a sponsorship deal with the international sports brand, PUMA, and often showcases their products on her feed.  Read more about her in this Ivana Santacruz article.

Natalie Gauvreau is a Canadian glamour model, actress, and Instagram celebrity who is famous for joining and bagging bikini contests like Ed Hardy Swimwear show (2008), Toronto Sun Swimsuit edition (2007-2008), Toronto Sun Calendar (2008), Ice Gear Fitness Apparel (2008) and lots more.  Learn more about her in this Natalie Gauvreau article.