Battle of the Day

Alice Aufray vs Tiffany Toth

Alice Aufray
Tiffany Toth in lingerie - ass

Alice Aufray

Tiffany Toth


Alice and Tiffany here will take away a good minute of your time (for each).  So yeah, choose...

Alice Aufray is a German fashion model who is most famous for her appearances in magazines like Kneon, METAL, and made back-to-back covers for Cosmopolitan France in July and August 2012.  Alice is also notable for her performance in 2018’s The Aspern Papers.  Read more about her in this Alice Aufray article.

Tiffany Toth is an American model who is most famous for being Playboy‘s Playmate of the Month in September 2011.  She has also posed for various magazines, including Maxim, Iron Man, and Seventeen.  In 2012, she made various appearances as herself on the show the Dog Whisperer.  Learn more about her in this Tiffany Toth article.