Battle of the Day

Sofia Zamolo vs Galinka Mirgaeva

Sofia Zamolo
Galinka Mirgaeva in a bikini

Sofia Zamolo

Galinka Mirgaeva


Sizzling hot is an understatement if you know what I mean...

Sofia Zamolo is an Argentine model, a television host, and an actress.  Sofia is best known for appearing in TV shows like Bailando Por Un Sueño (2006), Put on Francella (2001), and Los Ángeles de la Mañana (2016).  Although she’s Buenos Aires-based, Sofia models internationally and does photoshoots in countries such as Peru, Mexico, and the United States for lingerie and clothing brands.  Read more about her in this Sofia Zamolo article.

Galinka Mirgaeva is a Russian model who is famous for her sizeable Instagram account.  Most of her posts on the said social media platform are paid advertisements for different brands including Skinny Bunny Tea, Guess, Mango, and other local brands.  Aside from these, Galinka also models in different fashion shows, mostly for bikinis, lingerie, and sexy dresses.  Know more about her in this Galinka Mirgaeva article.