Battle of the Day

Sarah Stage vs Lana Zakocela

Sarah Stage in a bikini
Lana Zakocela in lingerie

Sarah Stage

Lana Zakocela


It's okay...  You can drool while choosing.

Sarah Stage is an American print, runway, commercial, and fitness model who has graced the cover of Unleash’d magazine and has been featured by Playboy among several other notable publications.  She is an actress, known for starring in Models B4 10 am, Attack of the Show!, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.  Read more about her in this Sarah Stage article.

Lana Zakocela is a Latvian fashion model who has posed in campaigns for brands such as Garnier, Dior, Lancome Clarins, Lancaster, and Thierry Mugler, Lancôme, Cartier, and Graff.  She was featured in 2015 for a Spanish advert for Antonio Banderas’ fragrance “Queen of Seduction”.  She was Maxim’s May 2017 cover girl.  Learn more about her in this Lana Zakocela article.