Battle of the Day

Erika Wheaton vs Deyana Mounira

Erika Wheaton in a bikini
Deyana Mounira

Erika Wheaton

Deyana Mounira


And we don't have to hell about the difficulty level of this one.  So just choose...

Erika Wheaton is a Colombian-American swimsuit model who poses for brands like ISHINE365, Lazy Nomads Swimwear, Almost Naked Swimwear, BoutineLA Swimwear, Fit Tea, Physiq Apparel, Laya Bikini, Nookie, Gooseberry Intimates, and many others on her popular Instagram account.  Erika is also the founder of the swimwear company Beach Body Boutique.  Read more about her in this Erika Wheaton article.

Deyana Mounira is a Lebanese bikini model, host, belly dance instructor, and Instagram star.  In 2017, she worked with Atlanta-based rapper Future in the music video for his track ‘Mask Off’, appearing as a character drenched in oil. She was then offered a chance to appear in the video for G-Eazy’s song ‘Sober.’  She also appeared in the video for G-Eazy’s 2017 single, Sober.  Learn more about her in this Deyana Mounira article.