Battle of the Day

Deyana Mounira vs Karen McDougal

Deyana Mounira
Karen McDougal in a bikini

Deyana Mounira

Karen McDougal


The hotness level these women possess is just out of this world...

Deyana Mounira is a Lebanese bikini model, host, belly dance instructor, and Instagram star.  In 2017, she worked with Atlanta-based rapper Future in the music video for his track ‘Mask Off’, appearing as a character drenched in oil.  Read more about her in this Deyana Mounira article.

Karen McDougal is an American model and actress.  She is probably best known for her title ‘Playmate of the Year 1998’.  She is also a hardcore fitness enthusiast and she has done pictorials and appeared on the covers of countless fitness magazines.  Learn more about her in this Karen McDougal article.