Battle of the Day

Millie Court vs Sarah Stage

Millie Court in a bikini
Sarah Stage

Millie Court

Sarah Stage


American versus British.  Both are equally hot.  Who would you choose?

Millie Court is a famous British fashion buyer administrator, fashion model, social media influencer, reality TV star, and entrepreneur from Rumford, Essex, England.  She became famous in the country after participating in the reality TV show called ‘Love Island’ in 2021.  Read more about her in this Millie Court article.

Sarah Stage is an American print, runway, commercial, and fitness model who has graced the cover of Unleash’d magazine and has been featured by Playboy among several other notable publications.  She is also a fitness guru and attracted attention during her pregnancy in 2015 for continuing to work out while pregnant.  Learn more about her in this Sarah Stage article.