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Kady McDermott vs Lottie Tomlinson

Kady McDermott
Lottie Tomlinson taking a selfie

Kady McDermott

Lottie Tomlinson


And who knew makeup artists would be this hot?!

Kady McDermott is an English make-up artist, reality TV star, fitness model, and Instagram celebrity best known for her appearance on the British dating show “Love Island.”  Kady appeared in the second season of the reality show, where she dated Scott Thomas.  They walked out of the house in third place.  Read more about her in this Kady McDermott article.

Lottie Tomlinson is a model and makeup artist from England.  This gorgeous lady began her career as a stylist at a young age.  Her experiments with make-up palettes helped her recognize her love of fashion and she is now regarded as one of the top stylists and make-up artists in the industry.  Learn more about her in this Lottie Tomlinson article.