Battle of the Day

Kenza Boutrif vs Shani Grimmond

Kenza Boutrif
Shani Grimmond in lingerie

Kenza Boutrif

Shani Grimmond


Both are insanely hot.  And we know that this battle will be hard for you.  Still, you got to choose, amigo.

Kenza Boutrif is an Instagram and internet celebrity from England.  Kenza has worked with a number of fashion labels and individual designers.  She promotes the clothing and products of these fashion designers on her Instagram page as part of her business deals.  Kenza is affiliated with numerous hair care brands, including ‘Capelli Amore Hair,’ ‘HerHairUK,’ and ‘Bella Hair.’  She also uses her Instagram page to showcase her lifestyle and love of travel.  Read more about her in this Kenza Boutrif article.

Shani Grimmond is an Australian YouTuber and beauty guru who posts her knowledge about makeup and lifestyle.  And because of that, she has amassed over 1.3 million subscribers.  Many of her videos have crossed millions of views.  Two of her most popular videos are ‘’17 Beauty Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know” and ‘Clubbing Routine – GRWM’.  Published a few years ago, these videos currently have over 3.7 million and over 2.6 million views respectively.  Learn more about her in this Shani Grimmond article.