Battle of the Day

Jennifer Lopez vs Kim Kardashian

Jennifer Lopez
Kim Kardashian in a bikini

Jennifer Lopez

Kim Kardashian


We are going to use the term loosely, but these lovely ladies are famous for more than just their derriere, they have also authored books. Jen's is titled 'True Love' and Kim's hasn't been released yet, but is titled 'Selfish'...not that she is referring to herself as being selfish, just that she built her career on taking lots of sefies.

It would seem that Kim thought Jen's new book would be a good read because she was spotted carrying it around New York; however, we find it a little odd she was carrying it around after she 'supposedly' purchased it because ordinarily you would get a bag to carry around......but if she doesn't really read it, maybe she needed something for her coffee table, and she wanted everyone to know about it.

Regardless, which one do you think is hotter, Jennifer or Kim?