Battle of the Day

Kim Kardashian vs Misty Copeland

Kim Kardashian in a bikini
Misty Copeland

Kim Kardashian

Misty Copeland


At the end of a calendar, there is a brief moment where most of us reflect on the last 12 months and reminisce about what was good or cringe about those circumstances we wanted to forget.

Huffington Post takes a shot at style trends, and their prediction is that Kim Kardashian's bum is old news, and Misty Copeland's legs will be the rage of 2015. Maybe her legs will even break the internet........

Do you think Kim has reached her peak and is now on the downhill side or is she just warming up to dominate the new year? If you didn't know....Kim and Kanye did spend an entire evening cleaning out her closet in preparation of a new image.

Who do you think is hotter, Kim or Misty?