Battle of the Day

Nicole Lodl vs Kate Upton

This girl is mistaken for Kate Upton pretty much everywhere on the internet.
Kate Upton Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2011

Nicole Lodl

Kate Upton


If you do a Google search on Nicole Lodl's picture. You come up with this Google Results

That search shows us that the world believes that both these girls are Kate Upton. Up until today, Nicole's picture was listed under Kate Upton on our site also. Then I noticed that her picture was the highest rated Kate Upton picture we have... but she isn't Kate Upton.

After some investigative research, we found out this picture was Nicole Lodl. (which wasn't easy since Google and most of the internet kept insisting it was Kate)

Nicole's picture was our best rated Kate Upton while it was mis-classified.

So which one of these blondes is hotter? The ultra-famous Kate Upton or Nicole Lodl, who everyone mistakes for Kate Upton anyway?