Battle of the Day

Taylor Swift vs Kim Kardashian

Taylor Swift
Kim Kardashian in lingerie

Taylor Swift

Kim Kardashian


We don't think these two are actually enemies, but if you recall, Kim's lover, Kanye West dissed Taylor during an awards show awhile back, when she was on stage trying to give her acceptance speech, which actually made Mr. West look like a douche, but in a silver lining kind of way, made Taylor's star shine a little brighter. She may even have written a song about it.......I think he did.

Kanye kind of said sorry, and then he tried to take it back and said he wasn't at all sorry. Since then, Kanye hooked up with Kim and now they have a little munchkin of their own.

We thought it would be interesting to see who your choice would be if these two lovely ladies battled it out. We don't think you could find two more opposite people.