Battle of the Day

Holly Madison vs Kendra Wilkinson

Holly Madison in a bikini
Kendra Wilkinson in a bikini

Holly Madison

Kendra Wilkinson


If you have ever watched the Girls Next Door, you would think that Hef's ex playboy playmate residents Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson were actually friends. While they had their differences, they shopped together, played together, and even shared the same bed with Hef..... If you didn't realize that reality TV is all fairy tale, now you know the truth.

Holly penned a tell all book and Kendra is furious. So furious in fact, she wants to scratch Holly's eyes out......Ouch!

Either way, we love a good cat fight, so while they physically battle out their differences, we wanted to let you pick your own winner. Which ex playmate do you think is hotter, Holly or Kendra?