Battle of the Day

Veronika Vařeková vs Cassidy Gray

Veronika Vařeková in lingerie
Cassidy Gray in lingerie

Veronika Vařeková

Cassidy Gray


Yesterday, June 19, there were lots of birthdays for some pretty hot babes. These included Zoe Saldana, Stacey Hannant, Ana Sofia Henao, Franciele Perão, Sandy Style, Mia Maestro, and Robin Tunney

The two that grabbed our attention however were Veronika Vařeková and Cassidy Gray

Veronika is an extremely accomplished model appearing on covers of many magazines, including Sports Illustrated.

Cassidy Gray is a lesser known model. She has done work with Monster Energy drinks and has appeared at various events such as Moto GP, X Games, NASCAR, and Supercross

So which babe is hotter? Monster Energy drink Cassidy, or ultra successful model Veronika?