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Taylor Swift vs Kim Kardashian

Taylor Swift at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards August 07, 2011
Kim Kardashian Celebrates Her Birthday At Tao Las Vegas on Oct. 25, 2013

Taylor Swift

Kim Kardashian


Unless you live under a rock, you have no doubt heard of the new feud between the Kanye West camp and Taylor Swift. Many moons ago, Kanye interrupted Taylor's acceptance speech because he thought Beyonce should have won the award and backlash ensued along with the rise of Taylor's star. Kanye believes that he alone is the reason for Taylor's increased fame over the years.

Fast forward to 2016. Kanye wanted to write a song and reference Taylor so he called her to let her know what he was doing and ask for permission. (He also taped the conversation without her knowing it, which in most places is illegal.) Taylor said she was flattered and when he had the song put together to send it to her so she could review and approve it. Kanye didn't send it to her and released it. Taylor was not pleased that in the song, Kanye calls her a Bitch. She was also not pleased that he released it without her blessing. Taylor retaliated, then Kim Kardashian conveniently leaked pieces of the taped so the world would know that Taylor knew about the song. Then Taylor was not happy her conversation had been recorded without her knowledge and toyed with the idea of pressing charges. Kim didn't include the tidbits where Kanye promises to send Taylor of copy of the song for her approval.

Kanye and Kim seem to be willing to do anything to stay relevant.

Anyway, the drama continues so who do you think is hotter, Taylor or Kim?