Battle of the Day

Nikita Klæstrup vs Ancilla Tilia

Nikita Klæstrup in lingerie
Ancilla Tilia hot and sexy in pink and black

Nikita Klæstrup

Ancilla Tilia

So this is European politics...

Nikita Klæstrup is a Danish politician, political commentator and reality star who was once a member of the Young Conservatives. Now she is part of the Liberal Alliance.

Ancilla van de Leest also known as Ancilla Tilia is a Dutch politician, a member of the Pirate Pirate of the Netherlands and a former fetish model. Yeah could you imagine an American politician being a former fetish model? She has some pretty weird nude photoshoots too, including one where she does some pretty bizarre thing to a fish. There is nudity and it's very strange. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Anyway, which political babe is hotter?