Battle of the Day

Paulina Mikolajczak vs Ruslana Rodina

Paulina Mikolajczak in lingerie
Ruslana Rodina in a bikini

Paulina Mikolajczak

Ruslana Rodina


Glam versus Instagram.  Both are favorites of ours and we know that both have been the star of your fantasies.  Now, we want to know who would come out hotter if we pit them against each other.  Choose, readers...  And choose wisely.

Paulina Mikolajczak is a Polish adult/glamour model who is known for having posed for Playboy.  She is represented by Max Models from Warsaw Poland.  Read more about Paulina Mikolajczak.

Ruslana Rodina is an Israeli model and Instagram star who is probably most famous for competing on the 7th season of the reality series Survivor Israel in 2015.  Read more about Ruslana Rodina.