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  • I am usually very picky, (like most women probably are) and have to make sure I look my best before I go out and of course as hot as possible because I do like to get a lot of looks and attention from men.
  • Me and my best GF at this huge private party. Lots of Playboy Bunnies were there. It was a fantastic party and lasted way into the morning! We had so much fun and all the men gave us a lot of attention.
  • Me and my best GF again during another night out where we had way too much to drink, but it was a blast and well worth it because we met these two men and... ended up going to one of their places and had... well... a lot of wild... you can fill in the blanks!
  • Dresses up and ready for a night on the town. Some dining, dancing, some drinking and some fun with some hot looking men.