Battle of the Day

Charissa Littlejohn vs Maria Domark

Charissa Littlejohn
Maria Domark in a bikini

Charissa Littlejohn

Maria Domark


Ooh, two hot women who have served their countries well...  Meaning, they're familiar with guns (and shooting it), and they're trained for combat.  Now, we'll give you a scenario.  Imagine you were taken hostage by terrorist zombies...  And only one of these two can save you.  Who will you have shooting her way to your safety?  Again, only one.

Charissa Littlejohn is an American model who is an Air Force veteran who served as an EMT Medic and Protocol Specialist while stationed in Tokyo, Japan.  She became popular among firearm enthusiast for her gun-heavy modeling shoots on Instagram.  Read more about her in this Charissa Littlejohn entry.

Maria Domark is an Israeli model and an Instagram sensation.  She is a highly trained soldier who, when not in front of the camera, fulfills her duties as a soldier of the Israeli Defense Forces.  She is with the Tel Aviv-based modeling agency, Yuli Groups.  Read more about her in this Maria Domark article.