Battle of the Day

Dana Taylor vs Tiffany Taylor

Dana Taylor
Tiffany Taylor in a bikini

Dana Taylor

Tiffany Taylor


Taylor against Taylor.  Ah, and they're both equally hot.  But of course, there is always the hotter one.  Even by just a hairline.  We have our preference...  But we'd really like to know who's the hotter one to you.

Dana Taylor is an American fashion model who is notable for her runway walks for Adam Selman, Monique Lhuillier, Dior Cruise.  But Dana is perhaps most famous for being on the cover of Playboy‘s July 2017 issue.  Know more about Dana Taylor in this entry.

Tiffany Taylor is an American glamour model and actress who is best known for being Playboy’s Playmate November ’98.  Tiffany has also appeared in an episode of HBO’s True Blood called 'Everything is Broken'.  Read more about Tiffany Taylor in this article.