Battle of the Day

Rachel Barnes vs Aisha Jade

Rachel Barnes in a bikini
Aisha Jade in a bikini

Rachel Barnes

Aisha Jade


Yeah, they kind of share a little resemblance (just a little)...  So you are going to have a difficult time choosing.  Good luck and have fun...

Rachel Barnes is an American model and blogger who is well known for gracing magazines such as GQ, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Sports Illustrated.  She also runs a self-titled style blog about fitness and lifestyle.  Read more about her in this Rachel Barnes article.

Aisha Jade is a New Zealand-born model, reality star, and actress who is famous for her roles in Birthday Sex (2018) and The Glass House.  She shot to fame after being cast in Big Brother Australia.  Learn more about her in this Aisha Jade entry.