Battle of the Day

Vicky Aisha vs Karina Irby

Vicky Aisha in a bikini
Karina Irby in a bikini

Vicky Aisha

Karina Irby

Two beautiful babes from the beautiful down under.  This is a wild battle and you got to use your imagination in order to vote.  Come on.  Fantasize.  Who is the hotter one?

Vicky Aisha is an Australian model and Instagram star who posts modeling pictures in both studio and urban settings to her followers.  She is best known from aerial silks and aerial hoop.  Yup, she has a deep background in contortion (ooh, hot) and aerial acrobatics.  Read more about Vicky here.

Karina Irby is an Australian bikini & fitness model, Instagram star, and an entrepreneur.  She is a self-taught clothing designer who gained her skills through YouTube, she launched Moana Bikini in 2011.  Karina also runs the fitness and nutrition guide Bikini Body Burn.  Learn more about Karina here.