Battle of the Day

Kristina Mendonca vs Caroline Kelley

Kristina Mendonca in a bikini
Caroline Kelley in a bikini

Kristina Mendonca

Caroline Kelley


Oh, these two.  The type you'd give your world to.  But if you were to have only one, who will it be?

Kristina Mendonca is an Australian model and a social media personality who became known for posting pictures of herself modeling for different brands of swimwear.  She is also known for posting lifestyle and travel content/pictures on Instagram.  Read more about this hottie in this Kristina Mendonca article.

Caroline Kelly is an American swimsuit model who is best known for being featured in Sports Illustrated.  She has also worked with established brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, and Calvin Klein and has appeared in Town & Country Magazine.  Read more about this babe in this Caroline Kelly article.