Battle of the Day

Charly Jordan vs Camila Morrone

Charly Jordan
Camila Morrone in a bikini

Charly Jordan

Camila Morrone


These are heavenly hotties.  Man, if you could only vote for both...

Charly Jordan is an American Independent model, DJ, and social media sensation who has worked for brands such as Pura Vida.  She is also a bit of an actress and is known for GTM: Chasing the Summer (2016). She is also a sprinter and hurdler and placed 6th (her age group) in the entire nation for the hurdle event.  Read more about her in this Charly Jordan article.

Camila Morrone is an Argentine-American model, blogger, and actress.  She was featured on the cover page of Vogue Magazine and she has appeared in ads for Victoria’s Secret PINK and was featured in Sports Illustrated.  Camila appeared in James Franco‘s Film ‘Bukowski’ and alongside Bruce Willis in Death Wish.  Learn more about her in this Camila Morrone article.