Battle of the Day

Pashence Marie vs Libby Powell

Pashence Marie in a bikini
Libby Powell

Pashence Marie

Libby Powell


Oh, these babes will surely bring out the heat.  Now, it's up to you who you want to emerge as the hotter one among them.

Pashence Marie is an American bikini and glamour model who has posed for publications like B.A.D.D., Kandy, Focus Factory and Cherish Magazine.  She has also written the Sexpert Advice column for Bikini Model Magazine.  Read more about her in this Pashence Marie article.

Libby Powell is an Australian fitness and glamour model who was featured as Miss February 2015 in the Australian Swimsuit Calendar.  She has also been featured on the cover page of the Australian Zoo magazine.  Learn more about her in this Libby Powell article.