Battle of the Day

Jamillette Gaxiola vs Gabriella Abutbol

Jamillette Gaxiola in a bikini
Gabriella Abutbol in a bikini

Jamillette Gaxiola

Gabriella Abutbol


Time to make a hard decision, readers.  As you can see, both of them are extremely hot.  So, it's all up to you...

Jamillette Gaxiola is a Mexican-Cuban model and reality television personality.  She is also beauty pageant titleholder who represented Cuba in the 2009 Miss Earth pageant.  She is also an actress and is notable for her roles in and The Shores and Norte Sin Horizonte.  Read more about her in this Jamillette Gaxiola article.

Gabriella Abutbol is an American Instagram model who is famous for posting in different swimwear along the beaches of California.  Gabriella is also often seen sporting her sponsorship from Bad Wood clothing in a variety of posts from shirts to sweaters to denim jackets.  Learn more about her in this Gabriella Abutbol article.