Battle of the Day

Olga Kent vs Natalie Gauvreau

Olga Kent in a bikini
Natalie Gauvreau in lingerie

Olga Kent

Natalie Gauvreau

Ah, beautiful women who can make the world go round.  Now, tell us.  Who do you think can make it spin the fastest?

Olga Kent is a Moldovan model and actress who is famous for appearing in ads for Chrysler and Fiat.  She has also graced the pages of prominent fashion magazines such as Elle and Harper’s Bazaar and has been the face of beauty brands like Nivea.  Read more about her in this Olga Kent article.

Natalie Gauvreau is a Canadian glamour model, actress, and Instagram celebrity who is famous for joining and bagging many bikini contests.  She has also appeared in car events, bikini ad campaigns, and even on a variety of TV shows.  Know more about her in this Natalie Gauvreau article.