Battle of the Day

Maddy Belle vs Carol Seleme Daniel

Maddy Belle in a bikini
Carol Seleme Daniel in lingerie

Maddy Belle

Carol Seleme Daniel

I bet your hands are perspiring now.  I should know because mine acted like a waterfall when I pitted these babes against each other.

Maddy Belle is a Filipino-American bikini and lingerie model and social media star.  She is also often mistaken as an adult performer because of her raunchy and sometimes nude snap chat photos.  She also runs a self-titled vlog channel on YouTube.  Read more about her in this Maddy Belle article.

Carol Seleme Daniel is a Brazilian model and a video vixen.  She has starred in a variety of music videos including those for Tyga, Pitbull, Rick Ross, R. Kelly, Big Sean, and more.  She has been featured in magazines such as Smooth, Lowrider and Mixed.  Know more about her in this Carol Seleme Daniel article.