Battle of the Day

Erika Wheaton vs Cora Keegan

Erika Wheaton in a bikini
Cora Keegan in lingerie

Erika Wheaton

Cora Keegan


Now, these babes are from two different hot worlds. They're on the same level but totally different kind of hotness...

Erika Wheaton is a Colombian-American swimsuit model who poses for brands like ISHINE365, Lazy Nomads Swimwear, Almost Naked Swimwear, BoutineLA Swimwear, Fit Tea, Physiq Apparel, Laya Bikini, Nookie, Gooseberry Intimates, and others on her popular Instagram account.  Read more about her in this Erika Wheaton article.

Cora Keegan is an American fashion model who is perhaps most famous for her appearances in ad campaigns for brands like Bebe, River Island, GAP, and Jennyfer.  She has gone on to appear in editorials for L’Officiel Paris, Harper’s Bazaar Australia, Oyster, Vogue, and Elle US.  Read more about her in this Cora Keegan article.