Battle of the Day

Allie Ayers vs Antje Utgaard

Allie Ayers in Sports Illustrated 2018
Antje Utgaard

Allie Ayers

Antje Utgaard


Ah, if only you can choose these two.  But you can't...  And that's the fun part.  You have to practice your choosing skills.

Allie Ayers is an American Instagram star and swimsuit model who is famous for modeling for a variety of swimwear (like her own Bissy Swim) and lingerie (like Gooseberry Intimates) brands.  She was featured in Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit Edition 2018.  Read more about her in this Allie Ayers article.

Antje Utgaard is a Scandinavian-American model who has been featured in countless calendars and ad campaign works.  She has been featured in Sports Illustrated, Maxim, and Playboy. She has also appeared in Sable, The Richy Show, and Sequences.  Know more about her in this Antje Utgaard article.