Battle of the Day

Rosa Acosta vs Franciele Medeiros

Rosa Acosta in lingerie
Franciele Medeiros in lingerie

Rosa Acosta

Franciele Medeiros


These Latinas can make your sizzling soda boil.  Man, the things I'd do just to secure a date with them.  But really now, which of the two is hotter to you?

Rosa Acosta is a Dominican actress, model, and fitness expert.  She was named XXL magazine’s Eye Candy of the Year in 2009.  She was also the Model of the Year and Cover Model of the Year by the Urban Model Awards in 2010 and 2012, respectively.  In 2013, she became a brand ambassador for Moriche Palm Diet and the face of Smoke Liquor.  Read more about her in this Rosa Acosta article.

Franciele Medeiros is a Brazilian fitness model and social media personality who has modeled for Holt Media Productions.  She was also featured in Sports Illustrated as a Lovely Lady of the Day on Sept 1, 2016.  In January 2017, she tested Instagram’s no nude policy by posting a saucy vid from a lingerie shoot.  Learn more about her in this Franciele Medeiros article.