Battle of the Day

Dannie Riel vs Mariah Longo

Dannie Riel - ass
Mariah Longo in a bikini

Dannie Riel

Mariah Longo


Both are as hot as the midday sun but of course, one is always hotter than the other...  And we want to know who do you think is the hotter one.

Dannie Riel is a fashion icon who is also a YouTube phenomenon.  In her ‘therielworld’ channel, she posts videos featuring her trips, her photoshoots, and her foodie adventures trying out different cuisines and dishes.  Read more about her in this Dannie Riel article.

Laetitia Tribaldos is an American fashion and bikini model.  She has done modeling and endorsement work for various popular brands like Cefian Fashion, Lash Box LA, Rehab Clothing, Soho Girl, and Glam Envy.  Learn more about her in this Laetitia Tribaldos article.