Battle of the Day

Gracie Carvalho vs Romina Belluscio

Gracie Carvalho in lingerie
Romina Belluscio in lingerie

Gracie Carvalho

Romina Belluscio


Yep.  This battle is as hard as the erection these women are going to give you.

Gracie Carvalho is a Brazilian fashion model who is most famous for being a Victoria’s Secret model.  She has been published in countless magazines and is currently under representations from agencies in London, Milan, Paris, and New York.  Read more about her in this Gracie Carvalho article.

Romina Belluscio Argentine pageant winner, model, and TV presenter.  She has subsequently worked on the shows Tonterias Las Justas and La Huella in Argentina.  She rose to prominence for her work on the Spanish TV series Tonterías las Justas in Spain prior to her work for Antena 3.  Learn more about her in this Romina Belluscio article.