Battle of the Day

Júlia Muniz vs Olga Kent

Júlia Muniz in a bikini
Olga Kent in lingerie

Júlia Muniz

Olga Kent


A surfer versus an actress.  Nope, not mismatched as they share the same level of hotness.  Different categories, but the same level of hotness.

Julia Muniz is a Brazilian professional surfer and model who is most famous for her work with a variety of swimwear and lifestyle companies including PacSun and Baja Bae.  She is also notable for being a part of a surfing TV show on the sports channel Canal Off in Brazil.  Read more about her in this Julia Muniz article.

Olga Kent is a Moldovan model and actress who is famous for appearing in ads for Chrysler and Fiat.  She has also graced the pages of prominent fashion magazines such as Elle and Harper’s Bazaar and has been the face of beauty brands like Nivea.  Learn more about her in this Olga Kent article.