Battle of the Day

Dannie Riel vs Arika Sato

Dannie Riel in a bikini
Arika Sato in lingerie

Dannie Riel

Arika Sato


Now, we will call this the 'Battle of the Exotics'.  Just look at those half-oriental hotties!!!

Dannie Riel is a French-Chinese is a fashion icon and model who is also a YouTube phenomenon.  In her YouTube channel, ‘therielworld’, she posts videos featuring her visits to various places, glimpses of her photoshoots, and her foodie adventures trying out different cuisines and dishes.  Read more about her in this Dannie Riel article.

Arika Sato is a Japanese-American model, actress, host, reality star, fitness expert, and social media influencer.  She appeared in 3 episodes of the reality show, ‘Paris Hilton’s My New BFF’ in 2009.  Afterward, in 2011, she joined the cast of web series, ‘JustKiddingFilms’.  She portrayed various roles in that series from 2011 to 2013.  Learn more about her in this Arika Sato article.