Battle of the Day

Vendela Lindblom vs Sara Orrego

Vendela Lindblom in lingerie
Sara Orrego in a bikini

Vendela Lindblom

Sara Orrego


Really...  Who would you want to be with on a 14-day quarantine?

Vendela Lindblom is a Swedish-Brazilian Instagram personality and model who is famous for her short hair, sometimes bald trademark look.  She is Playboy Playmate of the Month for January (2019) and the female face for Battlefield 1 – in the name of the Tsar.  Read more about her in this Vendela Lindblom article.

Sara Orrego is a Colombian model and Instagram star who is famous for being featured as a Lovely Lady of the Day by Sports Illustrated.  She was also, as said, the woman protagonist in the 2016 Los Problemados by Dayme & El High Ft. Kevin Roldan, Nengo Flow, Jory Boy.  Learn more about her in this Sara Orrego article.