Battle of the Day

Daisy Keech vs Kimberley Garner

Daisy Keech in a bikini
Kimberley Garner in a bikini

Daisy Keech

Kimberley Garner


Oh, dear.  This will totally give you a hard time.  Both are 10s so...

Daisy Keech is an American model and social media influencer who is famous for her fitness modeling and bikini poses.  She has also gained popularity in her self-titled YouTube channel where she posts and demos work out tips and routines (in a bikini or in a truly tight workout outfit).  Daisy Keech is also a bit of an actress and she has appeared in Six Feet from the Edge (2017).  Read more about her in this Daisy Keech article.

Kimberley Garner is a British model, actress, reality show personality, and swimwear designer.  Famous for her appearances on the acclaimed British reality series Made in Chelsea, this socialite and entertainment icon is also an entrepreneur.  Yup, she owns and runs Kimberley London, Ltd. company which debuted its swimwear line in 2013.  Learn more about her in this Kimberley Garner article.